Sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to being alert and mentally acute. As we age one of the better ways to keep ourselves sharp is by using brain-enhancing supplements. In this article I’m going to review some of the ways we can use brain enhancing foods and supplements to increase our brains durability.


Brain Pill – There are many brain pills on the market today and a few notable ones are the nootropics, in particular Modafinil has garnered widespread use with university students. Another popular brain enhancing drug is Adrafinil. The biggest problem with both of these drugs, are the legal status, they are only available to those with a prescription. The best brain enhancing drug you can get on the market today in my opinion is Cognimaxx. This brain enhancer does everything you’d expect from the major nootropics in town, but it does it legally and with natural ingredients that don’t mess with your brain chemistry.

Brain Foods – if you prefer a slower and more natural approach to improving your brains cognitive function, you could always opt for the dieting route. There are plenty of foods that increase your brains capacity. I’ll outline 6 of the best foods for the brain here.

Nuts – High in Vitamin E which is responsible for preventing the decline of our brain functions, especially in the older generations. Most vegetables are high in vitamin E things like asparagus, brown rice and olives are all chock full of brain enhancing vitamins.

Sage oil – this herb has been linked to boosting short-term memory when its used as part of a balanced diet. Though these studies focused on using the pills, you could also think about using fresh sage as a herb to give your dishes added flavouring. A word of caution to the pregnant though it has been thought to trigger miscarriages, along with rapid heart beat and dizziness.

Blackcurrants – These little bundles of good health are high in a very important vitamin, and that’s vitamin C, which has long been thought to increase mental agility. Not only does it increase our mental capacity but it also improves mood.

Tomatoes – There is strong evidence to suggest that tomatoes could be a vital front line in the fight against preventing Alzheimers and dementia. Its been shows that the antioxidant present in tomatoes fights against the free radical damage to cells which is present in Alzheimers patients.

Pumpkin seeds – Pumpkin seeds are high in Zinc, which has been linked to enhancing memory and thinking ability. You don’t need much zinc to reach your RDA so you only really need a small handful of pumpkin seeds to be sufficient.

Fish – Particularly oily fish, they contain the essential fatty acids that are impossible to be produced by the human body, the only way to get them is through a healthy diet. These essential fatty acids are paramount for a healthy brain, healthy heart, healthy joints, you name it they do it.

Diet can be the the most sustainable route to get the best vitamins for the brain, but this requires a permanent change to the diet and consistency with the foods we eat. Sometimes this can be more taxing depending on your lifestyle. Not all of us have the time to make sure we get all of our recommended daily allowances of foods and brain vitamins.


Serotonin Supplements

Low serotonin has been linked to many, many symptoms. Among them are depression, anxiety, poor concentration and sleep problems along with a whole load more. Lets take a look at what serotonin actually does. Serotonin helps regulate a lot of your bodily functions, it regulates sleep, appetite, body temperature, your capacity to learn new things, and your memory. Because it affects so many pivotal parts of us we need to make sure we aren’t running at a deficiency. Taking serotonin are a great way to do this. The most used supplement is 5-HTP, as its the closest to actual serotonin itself. It can provide immediate relief from some of the side affects of having low serotonin. So long as you get your supplements from a reliable source you should be safe as side affects are minimal, make sure you always consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Exercise is also a good way to increase your brain function it has been shown that many people who suffer from depression benefited when starting a workout regime. Exercise and a healthy diet keep both the body and mind balanced. So remember guys keep exercising to release those natural brain vitamins. And keep up to date on the latest news at