If you want to push your brain limits to its full capacity, you have to enhance it. According to research, humans only use 2% of their brain capacity, which proves the inefficiency of using brain power. But you can use brain enhancement exercises to improve your brain performance. The more exercises you do, the stronger it becomes. It also helps if you know some of the most important facts about enhancing your mind.

Knowing Your Brain Parts and Its Functions

The left side and right side of the brain have different functions. Knowing these functions will help you unleash the full power of your brain. The right side controls creativity, emotions, and the rest of the things occurring in the subconscious. The left side, on the other hand, takes care of generating creative ideas that can be used by both left and right sides of the brain. You can exercise your brain using flash cards, for instance.


Make it a habit to visualize anything that you want to do make or do. Imagine how you will be doing these things and what scenes are expected to take place. This activity will help you in two ways – convince you that the task is easier to execute and stimulate both sides of the brain.


This is all about focusing on your own thoughts, which means stimulating your brain and linking them to the other systems in your body. Meditation is also an effective way of letting your brain rest for it to operate at full capacity.


Learn to read almost anything to stimulate your creativity, logic, and imagination all at once. Collect scientific books, novels, journals, and more.


Exercise your brain using brain games, such as crosswords, Sudoku, chess, and scrabble.

New Skills

Learning new skills, such as playing the guitar or the piano, knitting, building furniture, and more, will also stimulate your brain.

Use these secrets to enhance memory and power. You may also want to support these activities with brain vitamins or brain enhancing drugs.