Have you noticed how your brain function is declining over the years? Do you want to improve it? Then, you will find these brain enhancement secrets helpful.

ENHANCE YOUR BRAIN FUNCTION1. Sleep. Like any other machine, your brain needs enough rest for it to function at optimum capacity. You need at least 8 hours of sleep a day for it to feel refreshed and ready for another day’s work the next day.

2. Exercise. The brain needs oxygen to help it work at its best. Do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, such as biking, running or treadmill, and notice the difference in your brain function as it gets more oxygen.

3. Choose the right food. Among the best foods for the brain are sea fish or wild caught fish, coffee and chocolate. Dark chocolate with at least 75% of cocoa bean and freshly ground coffee that is 100% organic contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, which could damage your brain. It also helps to eat eggs, whole grain breads, fruits, and fresh salads.

4. Play. Entertain yourself not with mindless games, but with games that make you think, such as crosswords, Sudoku, chess, and other games that encourage your brain to function. It should be a game that is difficult enough to puzzle you, but easy enough that it can be solved.

5. Take. This might be a controversial suggestion, but you can find natural supplements to stimulate your brain without the scary side effects, such as CogniMaxx XL

6. Listen to music. This is still subject to debate, but some studies have shown that there are certain types of music that can stimulate the brain to work at a higher level, such as Mozart.

7. Learn something new. You could get a new hobby, such as knitting, a new language, writing, and more.

8. Read. It is a fun and entertaining way of improving your brain function, especially if you decide to level up and do speed reading.

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9. Be spiritual. Learn how to rein control over your internal thoughts. Let your imagination work wonders, as you take yourself to a nice vacation, doing your favorite activities, and more. Spirituality often touches the right side of the brain, which controls logic, numbers, and knowledge.

10. Do memory exercises. There are many exercises that you can do and one of them is to memorize a word and its meaning right off a random page in your dictionary. Memorize three to five words daily for your brain workout.

Follow these best brain enhancement techniques to become better and better each day.